Welcome to Lost Above

Fine Art from the Sky to Your Wall

Daniel Dreifuss started photographing in high school, photographing friends and family 15 years later and after attending Brooks Institute of Photography, he is still snapping everything from breaking news to high-end commercial advertising photos for local, national and international clients. Winning a number of awards for his work throughout the last 15 years. Daniel ‘s works have been published coast to coast in publication including the LA Times, New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press and more. 

His travels have taken him to countries including - Ireland, Scotland, Vietnam, While traveling Daniel noticed the uniqueness of artwork from an aerial perspective. As Daniel put it: “The view from above creates exciting shapes and views that the mind might not otherwise see. It often gives the feeling that humans have always desired - the ability to fly” 

In 2017 Dreifuss moved into the fine art world, focusing the camera on Santa Barbara with the unique perspective, from the air.  

Learning to fly a drone and receiving his 107 pilot certification in December of 2017 he created LostAbove.com "The views from above are amazing, living here for almost ten years, every time I fly I see a new way to see just how beautiful Santa Barbara is," Dreifuss said.  Flying his drone over beaches, the wharf, mountains, roads, and areas less traveled, he has created a viewpoint that is often missed when you are on the ground. "I try to capture the true art of mother nature and Santa Barbara life" Daniel explains "I have created a great business showing off Santa Barbara, expanding into fine art prints was a great way to expand my drone photography business and to show off my creativity." 

LostAbove.com offers a wide variety of sizes and mediums to showcase the great aerial photography. 

Dreifuss also provides real estate photography/video, custom aerial photos and uses his drone for photojournalism assignments.