My Top 10 Drone Accessories

My Top 10 Drone Accessories that I use all the time! 

1. My Drones!


2. Gotta have extra batteries 


3. Filters! Filters help with blown out whites and can create some really great effects, make colors pop and help with blown out highlights.


4. Keep your drone safe from damage when you are not using it!


5. A take off and landing pad. This is super useful when you are trying to fly at the beach or on grass. I didn't actually think I needed one of these but it has been a huge help!


6. A tablet holder attachment, great if you use a huge phone or want to use a tablet when you fly!


7.A car charger! This is key, if you are on the go and dont have time to charge your batteries at home, the car charger is great!


8. A good solid memory card!


9. A smart Controller, this is definitely worth the price!


10. On the go? This great little backpack is made for drones and keeps a 15inch laptop safe while you are flying!